Team CoCo... Cola

Feb 17, 2011

So this week we were on ABC News, CNN, Al Jazeera, CBC in Canada and more. Whatever. But get this: our Coca-Cola recipe story made Conan O'Brien's monologue on Tuesday. 3:20 into the video below.

Full instructions for making the "original recipe"

Feb 16, 2011

We've now posted full instructions for making what we believe may be the original recipe for Coca-Cola. If you do make a batch, email us at to let us know how it turned out (and send photos!).

Our cola recipe story makes international news

Feb 16, 2011

When we broadcast the episode Original Recipe this past weekend, we had no idea how big a splash the Coca-Cola recipe story would make. Turns out, news outlets all across the globe are interested in what might be in the original formulation for this particular beverage... so interested that for part of Monday and much of Tuesday, all the traffic crashed our website. On Tuesday, the majority of hits came from - you guessed it - Finland and Croatia. Here are some screen shots of stories about our story, from all over the place.


The Netherlands:




Ryan Knighton's "Punkin"

Feb 10, 2011
Ryan Knighton—whose "Baby Steps" story appeared in Wiretap as well as our Neighborhood Watch episode—has recently released this fun, short film to promote the Canadian release of his book, C'mon Papa: Dispatches From a Dad in the Dark. (Oh—and lest we cause any confusion—his book and the story in "Neighborhood Watch" are not fictional).


Update: Joe No Love

Feb 8, 2011

If you saw our TV show on Monday on Current TV, or caught the episode on Showtime or DVD, then you know the story of Joseph "Joe No Love" Kendrick, who - when originally interviewed at age 14 - vowed never to get involved in the messiness of love.

Well, the Daily Hampshire Gazette recently published a Q&A with Joe, who is now a freshman at Bennington College in Vermont. A lot of viewers wondered if Joe would stick to his plan... and one of his responses gives a pretty clear hint.

Photo by Carol Lollis

Two Charity Events with Cool Stuff You Can Get

Feb 3, 2011

Hi all -

Ira writing this.

The New York Writers Coalition has writers workshops for kids and adults all over New York (the homeless, war vets, the incarcerated, at-risk youth, and so forth). It's a really great organization, and their fundraiser on Monday, Feb 7 is kind of mind-blowing with all the stuff that's up for grabs. There's a raffle where the prizes include Jack Black doing a singing telegram on your phone and four VIP tickets to The Daily Show and signed books by David Rakoff. Plus they're throwing a "red and black" party with a silent auction. Some of the stuff in that auction: Drinks with me, a Freaks and Geeks DVD set signed by Judd Apatow and Paul Feig, a Buffy DVD set signed by Joss Whedon, a Mad Men pilot script signed by cast member Rich Sommer, autographed books from Michael Chabon and Chuck Klosterman, a handwritten page of music by Philip Glass, signed by him. The party's in New York this coming Monday. The raffle you can do from anywhere. $10. Best case: Jack Black sings to you. Worst case: you donated $10 to a good cause.

And then on Thursday Feb 17 I'll be playing poker with John Hodgman, Michael Ian Black, poker pro Andy Bloch, and anyone else who shows up - which hopefully will include you! - also in New York. It's a fundraiser for 826NYC, one of the literacy groups founded by Dave Eggers (it has a special focus on getting kids to write). The tournament winner gets a seat at the World Series of Poker. No kidding. That normally costs $10,000. So the best case scenario: you win a seat at the biggest poker tournament in the country. Worst case: you give $500 to a nice charity. Win-win, right?

This American Life now airing in Australia!

Feb 1, 2011

We're pleased to announce that as of this past Sunday, January 30th, This American Life will be broadcast weekly across Australia on ABC Radio National. ABC will air a combination of new episodes and classic episodes from the archives, 7PM each Sunday.

Ira Glass writes:

“Australia seems to have a more adventurous breed of documentary radio producer than we have here in the states. Or at least that's the impression I always get when I hear their work. My hope is that what we're doing - in trying to reinvent what it means to be public broadcasters - will be relevant and fun to listen to in Australia. We all have similar missions. The national borders that separate us seem like an artificial construct. We’re thrilled to join the great lineup of shows on ABC."

Tonight on TV: "God's Close-Up"

Jan 31, 2011

Tonight Current TV airs one of the most popular episodes of our TV show, "God's Close-Up".

Here's a video promo for the episode:

And here's a channel guide for Current TV:

Comcast: 107 (125 Dallas and Seattle)
Time Warner: 103 NY and 142 LA
Dish Network: 196
AT&T U-Verse: 189
Verizon FiOS: 192

Hillary Frank's "Longest Shortest Time"

Jan 24, 2011
This American Life contributor Hillary Frank has started a new podcast about early parenthood: The Longest Shortest Time. She writes:
Here is what I knew. If you just relax enough and surround yourself with people you trust, you’ll be able to have a natural childbirth and it might even be euphoric; you must, must, must breastfeed the baby immediately after she is born, plus keep her in your room with you that first night no matter how tired you are; and with Dr. Harvey Karp’s “five S’s” technique—swaddling, side/stomach position, shushing, swinging, and sucking—a bawling infant is magically soothed.

Here is what the books didn’t tell me. That I would be in so much pain I wouldn’t even want to be touched, let alone ask for a back rub...
TAL Music Consultant Jessica Hopper tells a story in episode 2.

Ira Glass talks TV on WNYC Radio

Jan 24, 2011

Earlier today, Ira Glass went live on The Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC, talking about adapting This American Life for Television.

Here's the audio: