July 9, 2021

The Weight of Words

Words mean things, but some words are especially meaningful.

Jennifer Heuer

An updated version of an episode from 2019.

Go To The Mattresses

Shamyla always loved books. Like lots of other eleven-year-olds back in 1989, she loved The Babysitters Club. And then, something happened, changing what she read, and how. Producer Elna Baker tells the story. (25 minutes)

Daddy Lessons

Parents try to shape who we are in their own image. Producer Neil Drumming spoke to Adam Mansbach, who tried to make his daughter fall in love with hip-hop. (19 minutes)

The Rundown

The story of one woman’s mission to bring people together everywhere by eliminating small talk forever. Starlee Kine has been going around lecturing audiences on the subject. She encourages them to switch to a new system she’s invented, called The Rundown. (6 minutes)


“If It Weren’t For The Words” by Edith Frost