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Act One: No Sleep ‘Till Brooklyn

Producer Valerie Kipnis follows a group of people who’ve just arrived at their new home, a tent shelter in the middle of nowhere. (11 minutes)Reporting help from Jika Gonzalez.

Act Two: 150 Days of Bummer

Producer Diane Wu talks to an asylum seeker trying to hustle his way through bureaucratic limbo. (11 minutes)

Act Four: The New Kids

Three girls, whose families traveled thousands of miles to get to New York, navigate their latest challenge: American middle school. (11 minutes)

Act Three: Louisiana

Ben Calhoun talks to a man in ICE detention in Louisiana about how he and people around him are following the election. But right as the results are coming in, the man’s case takes a serious turn.

Act Five: Miami

Nadia Reiman talks to Ninotchka and Marco in Florida. The mother and son immigrated from Venezuela, and while they live and work together, they feel very differently about American politics.

Act Two: Smell You Later

Lots of people in America share actual beds, but almost never see each other; flight attendants have crash pads near airports, oil rig workers carry their own sheets and sleep in shifts in an RV. Producer Stephanie Foo has a profile of Mexican immigrants who share a few beds in a tiny trailer in upstate New York.

Act One: Goodbye, Stranger

Los Angeles Times reporter Molly O’Toole talks to U.S. asylum officers—the people who end up sending migrants back to Mexico.

Act Two: Take the Long Way Home

Reporter Emily Green happens to meet a man being sent back to Mexico who tells her he’s afraid of being kidnapped—and then, he gets kidnapped. (18 minutes)


Three weeks ago, Abdi Nor became a U.S. citizen, in a ceremony in Maine. We go to the ceremony, and then head back in time to 2013, when he won a visa under the Diversity Visa Lottery.

Act One

It turns out winning the lottery is only the first step in trying to come to America. More than half of the people who win each year never make it.

Act Two

Leo Hornak's story about Abdi continues. Abdi encounters one obstacle after another on the streets of Nairobi.