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Act One: Meme Come True

Producer Zoe Chace attends the DeploraBall, a party for trolls and others who say they memed Trump into the presidency.

Act Two: Dreamers Get Real

Kenia and her brother Henrri make a trip back to El Salvador, for the first time in 12 years, since they immigrated to the US. For the last few years they've been protected from deportation, but are worried things might change under President Trump. Seth Freed Wessler reports.

Act Three: Law and Border

Border Patrol agents were stoked when immigration became a centerpiece of Trump’s campaign. Producer Stephanie Foo went to find out how they hope their jobs will change.


Host Ira Glass interviews Congressman Seth Moulton (D., Mass.), who served four tours as a Marine in Iraq. Moulton talks about an Iraqi translator he grew close to, and about a special visa program that allows Iraqi and Afghan translators to come to the U.S.