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Ira explains how to use our Shortcut app to share clips from This American Life  on social media.

San Francisco’s Spider-Man dropped into buildings from skylights and leapt 10 feet from one roof to another. But mostly, his talent got him into trouble.

A political donor has to decide whether or not he's going to support Trump. Plus other stories of people trying to make sure they get what they paid for.

The group Improv Everywhere tries to give an unknown band the best day of their lives. But the band doesn't see it that way.

A hospital staffer finds a patient on the floor of his room. He is unarmed, and has been shot by the cops in the hospital.

Our collaboration with The New Yorker. This was the cover of their Dec 7, 2015, issue. Everyone who got the digital version of that issue on this iPad or phone could push “play” and the cover would come to life as an animated short. 

Three teenage girls explain why they are constantly telling their friends they are beautiful on Instagram. Plus more stories about status updates that interrupt our daily life.

A prisoner who hasn't talked to anyone in years comes up with a bold plan to re-introduce himself to the world.

Episode 2 in our Videos 4 U series: We helped Maggie tell her parents that she had lots of tattoos, a fact she’d hidden for years.