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Three weeks ago, Abdi Nor became a U.S. citizen, in a ceremony in Maine. We go to the ceremony, and then head back in time to 2013, when he won a visa under the Diversity Visa Lottery.

Act Two: Thank You for Smoking

People don’t have a lot of money in the refugee camps, and our producer Miki Meek went to see what that’s like at a camp that’s been built on the grounds of an abandoned psychiatric hospital. About 1,300 people are living there.

Act Three: Last Resort

There’s a camp trying to set the gold standard for what refugee camps are to be. It’s in an actual beach vacation resort. Joanna Kakissis went there.

Act Two: The Parents, Trapped

Kids are everywhere in the camps, they’re a third of the refugees. You see them around, improvising stuff to play with.