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Nine months ago, these people wanted abortions. But then, the laws changed. They had to wait to get an appointment, figure out how to get out of state or order abortion pills.  In that waiting, other things happened. (5 minutes)Today’s show was inspired by the excellent reporting of Caroline Kitchener.

Act One: First Trimester

In the months following the court’s decision, two women are stalled getting abortions. Reporter Caroline Kitchener follows Kae and Taylor in those early months, as they try to figure out what to do.

Act Two: Second Trimester

Doctors say one effect of the new bans is people seeking abortions much later into their second trimesters. Caroline got interested in a girl like that in Oklahoma.

Act Three: Third Trimester

It’s been nine months since the first group of people who wanted abortions couldn’t get them in their states. How have their lives changed, or not.