A Message from Ira...

May 14, 2010

Over the last several months we've tried to do an especially ambitious run of shows: investigative reports, an original Broadway song, the history of GM told through one car plant that could've saved the company, Rest Stop, #1 Party School, and the show where we all produced stories pitched by our parents – to name just a few. All these shows were trying new things, some of them hardcore, old-fashioned journalism, some just for fun.

In this brave new media economy that we all live in, we're trying to prove that you can do expensive, ambitious stories like this, give them away for free on the Internet, and people will pitch in to pay for it.

I hope you believe in that idea too at least a little, and have been happy enough with this run of shows that you're willing to help us fund it. Throw us a dollar, or five dollars, or ten, and help us prove that this way to fund stories can work!

You can donate on the internet... or by text! Just text TAL to the number 25383, and a $10 donation will be added to your phone bill (text and data rates may apply). It takes just a few seconds!

Ira Glass