Hillary Frank's "Longest Shortest Time"

Jan 24, 2011
This American Life contributor Hillary Frank has started a new podcast about early parenthood: The Longest Shortest Time. She writes:
Here is what I knew. If you just relax enough and surround yourself with people you trust, you’ll be able to have a natural childbirth and it might even be euphoric; you must, must, must breastfeed the baby immediately after she is born, plus keep her in your room with you that first night no matter how tired you are; and with Dr. Harvey Karp’s “five S’s” technique—swaddling, side/stomach position, shushing, swinging, and sucking—a bawling infant is magically soothed.

Here is what the books didn’t tell me. That I would be in so much pain I wouldn’t even want to be touched, let alone ask for a back rub...
TAL Music Consultant Jessica Hopper tells a story in episode 2.