This American Life on Canada's CBC Radio!

Jan 7, 2011

We're pleased to announce that starting this Sunday, January 9th, This American Life will be broadcast weekly across Canada on CBC Radio One.

We already have thousands of Canadian listeners on the podcast, but this will be the first time that Canucks can listen to the show on their own airwaves. We'll be on Sundays at 11PM, heading up an overnight lineup of international programming. CBC Radio One will air a mixture of favorite episodes from our archive and newly produced shows.

Check out this article to read about Ira Glass's thoughts on airing in Canada.

This American Life actually has some strong Canadian roots. Toronto native Paul Tough, an early producer, helped come up with the concept for the show. Regular contributor David Rakoff hails from Montreal. And former producer/frequent contributor Jonathan Goldstein hosts his own CBC show, Wiretap. Don't feel bad if you're surprised these guys are Canadians. We've documented that phenomenon in our 1998 episode "Who's Canadian?".

In 2009, we tested our popularity up North by beaming our stage show "Return to the Scene of the Crime" via satellite into movie theaters in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. 650 fans showed up.