Ira: "Teachers - Teach me!"

Apr 14, 2011

Ira writes:

I've agreed to teach my nephew's high school class how to make a "podcast" which in this case is code for making a little radio story in the style of our show. I know many teachers have done this with high school and junior high and even I've heard of elementary school kids in one class doing it.

I could use advice. Specifically: what topics seemed to work the best to energize the kids and to get nice stories? Should we go for personal stories? Stuff going on with their friends or families? Or turn them into reporters, interviewing interesting people around the neighborhood, doing oral history, stuff like that? What's seemed to work best?

Post any advice over on our Facebook page, or email: [email protected].

And if your class posted their audio stories on the web, maybe put up the links up on Facebook too (if they're okay with it)... so all of us can listen!