A New Day

May 12, 2011

If you're a regular visitor to our website, you may notice a couple of changes. Kind of big changes.

First off, on each episode page, in addition to the big PLAY button at the top, there are now play buttons for individual stories. No more shuttling through audio to get to that one story your friend told you about. Of course, we believe that the episodes are best heard as a whole, but we understand that sometimes you're just after one particular act. So there's that.

You'll also notice in the upper right corner, LOGIN and REGISTER links. Now you can make an account on the site, which unlocks features like marking favorite episodes, checking off which episodes you've heard, and creating and saving playlists with multiple stories and episodes. Your own DASHBOARD page contains these lists.

We'll be adding new features over time, such as playlist sharing and new ways to interact with the archive. Stay tuned.

And as always, we value your feedback. If something seems broken, or you have an idea for better or new features, please email [email protected].

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