Ira Glass to tour Australia in January

Sep 7, 2011

Attention Australia:

Ira Glass will perform five shows in your fine country/continent this coming January. Our podcast has developed a nice following in Australia, and since early 2011 ABC Radio National has broadcast This American Life on Sunday nights, but these will be Ira's first live performances there.

A blurb about the show:

In Reinventing Radio, Glass talks about his program and how it's put together: what makes a compelling story, where they find the amazing stories for their show, how he and his staff are trying to push broadcast journalism to do things it doesn't usually do. As part of this, Glass mixes stories from the show, live onstage, combining his narration with pre-taped quotes and music, recreating the sound of the show as the audience watches. And he plays funny and memorable moments from the show, and talks about what was behind their creation.

Tickets links are below. All but Sydney are on sale now.

Not in Australia? Ira is doing a bunch of upcoming shows stateside too.