Post-It Note Diaries

Oct 6, 2011
A book just came out that includes stories by several This American Life contributors. It's called Post-It Note Diaries, and was edited and illustrated by Arthur Jones, whose drawings you may remember from the 2009 live show that we beamed into movie theaters. Post-It Note Diaries began as a live show that Arthur produced with Starlee Kine, where people would tell stories on stage while Arthur projected illustrations that he'd drawn on Post-It notes. And now it's a book, including stories by Arthur, Starlee and a bunch of our other buddies, including David Rakoff (who just won the Thurber Prize for American Humor, in case you hadn't heard), John Hodgman, Chuck Klosterman, Jonathan Goldstein, David Wilcox and Jeff Simmermon. Plus a bunch of other talented folks who haven't been on the show.