Live show encore screenings in the U.S. and Australia

May 13, 2012

Our May 15th live show encore screening has come and gone, but there are still several independent venues in the US screening the show on various dates, as well as more than a dozen theaters in Australia hosting screenings on May 26th and 27th.

The show features stories by Ira Glass, writers David Sedaris and David Rakoff, comic Tig Notaro and Snap Judgment host Glynn Washington, plus live music by OK Go. It'll also include things you could never do on the radio, like a new short film by Mike Birbiglia, dance by Monica Bill Barnes & Company, original animation, projected illustration and more. Plus special surprise guests (who may not be a surprise anymore but are still great!).

If you'll be attending and have a smartphone, we highly recommend you download our live show app!

Ira writes:

I saw this amazing dance performance by Monica Bill Barnes' company, and I thought - that is totally in the style of our radio show. But obviously you can't have dance on the radio. Then I realized, we have to do another cinema event! We've built this lineup of stories mixed with super visual things, including the dancers I saw, so it's going to feel like the radio show but also totally unlike anything we've done before. I really can't wait to see how it turns out.

(UPDATE: we think it turned out pretty great!)