Thursday Night Sleepwalk With Me Pajama Party at Midnight!

Aug 20, 2012

Attention New York: Ticket sales are so strong that midnight shows have been added to the premiere weekend of Sleepwalk with Me in New York City!  That's this coming weekend, starting 11:59pm the night of Thursday August 23rd.

And anyone wearing pajamas to the Thursday midnight show gets free popcorn and soda.  Ira Glass and Mike Birbiglia will be at the midnight shows and at all the shows this Friday and Saturday in New York doing Q&As. Tickets here.

The movie opens in 121 cities the weekend after that.  Tickets are still available to shows August 31st and Sept 1st in Los Angeles (where Mike'll be doing Q&As at each show) and Chicago (where Ira will be doing Q&As at each show).

These are going to be really fun shows — jampacked with people, Ira and Mike in person.  We hope you come out.