Be a Part of Our “This Week” Show … This Week!

Nov 28, 2012

Hello This American Life listeners and soon-to-be contributors,

In May of last year, with the help of many contributors, we did a show called “This Week.” It was something new for us: Every single thing in the show was united by the simple fact that it had happened in the seven days prior to broadcast. The idea was to do a kind of "news" show in a narrative way, with good characters and some ... feeling. There were small things, like a guy trying to learn Spanish while he drove across country, and an 8 year old who took the training wheels off her bike for the first time. And also big things, like the death of Osama bin Laden. The final product was immediate and energetic -- and great fun to put together.

Now, we'd like to do it again. And again we'd love your help.

The eligible dates for this “This Week” show are Saturday, December 1st through Friday, December 7th. If you know of anything interesting happening – to you or someone you know – between Dec 1st and Dec 7th, we want to hear about it. It can be anything that matters to the people involved - just so long as something, however tiny, is at stake: a first date, a championship game, an audition, a medical diagnosis, the first day of a new business, or the last day of a dying one.

What we’re especially hoping for are some lighter stories. Funny would be good. We’re also short on political stories – a local politics or news story would be great. Is some huge fight over a stoplight coming to a head the first week of December in your town? Is there any election aftermath playing out in your county in an interesting way?

Even if you don’t know of anything now, please keep your eyes and ears open and, if possible, even make your own recordings. Most smartphones have recording capabilities so if you come across some scene or event or even just are having an interesting conversation, record it! If you think it’s something we might want – just even as a small clip – email us and let us know what you’ve got and we may ask you to send it. (A note here: you can’t tape anyone secretly. All parties must know they’re being recorded for possible broadcast.) One of our favorite moments from the last “This Week” show was only a few seconds long. It was from a student on a class trip who taped a chaperone telling the kids: Please don’t push each other into the Grand Canyon. It went like this:

Ira Glass: So much has happened this week. What else? In the Grand Canyon on Wednesday, high school freshman were on a class trip.

Lauren: This is Lauren. We're walking down the trail to go to the Grand Canyon right now.

Teacher: Now. I know you wouldn't push anybody over the edge. But just don't even pretend to do it. OK? It's something we want to avoid. OK?

That’s the kind of stuff we’d love to hear.

Please send your pitches to: [email protected]. You can also use that address to let us know if you've made a recording.

Thank you so much, again, for helping us make this show happen.

- The staff of This American Life