David Rakoff's Final Book

Jul 8, 2013

The New York Times published an article about David Rakoff's process of finishing his final book, a novel written in rhyme, as his cancer grew worse. The article is by Joel Lovell, a good friend of David and also a contributor to our show. Joel quotes Ira Glass saying of David's book:

"Its dirty little secret is that David was probably a better novelist than he was an essayist. I mean, he was a great essayist, famous and all that, but that came so hard to him, and I think writing this, writing drama, gave him so much more pleasure."

Before David died, Ira recorded David reading the audio book version. Excerpts from the recording session accompany the article, as well as a photo of David's last performance on our show, the story and dance he did for our live event in May 2012.