Ira to Interview Composer Nico Muhly in NYC

Oct 22, 2013

Nico Muhly, photographed by Matthew Murphy

Ira writes:

When I was invited to interview composer Nico Muhly, I jumped at the chance. He's the unusually-young-for-a-guy-premiering-his-work-at-the-Met composer of the new opera Two Boys. I really like his music and am so incredibly curious to see how he turns a real incident – about a 16-year-old boy who almost murdered another boy – and the Internet chats that lead to the attack – into an opera.

Our interview is at the NY Public Library next Tuesday, Oct 29th, 7:00. Tickets.

There's a video excerpt from the opera on the Metropolitan Opera site. They also commissioned this arty but beautiful video in conjunction with the opera, hoping, I'm told, that people who aren't into classical music or opera might like it.