Information for listeners inquiring about Rainy

Nov 12, 2015

We’ve received mail from people asking how to help Rainy, the teenager who worked with This American Life and Radio Rookies to tell her Read More

Happy Hour

Nov 3, 2015

Ira writes:

The dance company I’ve been touring with has a new show every Wednesday night this fall in New York City. It’s great. I’m not in it.

Ira's dance-radio mashup in Chicago this weekend! Late night & matinee!

Oct 28, 2015

Ira writes:

Hi Chicagoans!

Just writing to say that in this tour of my radio-dance mashup show, the late night shows are usually our favorites and there are still tickets left for this Saturday night at the Atheneum! 10 pm.

What’s So Great About Terry Gross

Oct 23, 2015

Photo: Ryan McGinley for The New York Times

Get a Scholarship to Make Radio!

Oct 6, 2015

Ira writes:

Hi everyone! I’m proud to announce that we’re working with to expand the scholarship program for their Story Workshop. The Story Workshop is an eight-week live-there-and-do-nothing-but-learn course that teaches radio skills to people who aren’t in radio at all.

Our New Video

Sep 18, 2015

Ira Glass writes:

Bianca Giaever has a story on this week's show and a new video! The video's the latest in her

Please donate

Aug 16, 2015

Ira Glass writes:

We’ve had a run of ambitious stories lately: episodes by Nikole Hannah Jones and Chana Joffe Walt on schools and integration, Lindy West confronting her Internet troll, Nancy Updike on OJ Simpson’s prank TV show, Abdi’s story of getting out of Kenya, Jonathan Goldstein’s visit to a counseling center for kids whose parents died, our 12-episode spin-of

Information for listeners inquiring about Abdi

Jul 16, 2015

We’ve received a lot of mail from people asking how to send money to Abdi Nor Iftin, who Leo Hornak reported on for our July 3rd episode, “Abdi and the Golden Ticket.”

Abdi has set up a Paypal account Read More

Changes at This American Life

Jul 9, 2015

This blog post was written by Goli Sheikholeslami, who’s in charge of Chicago’s public radio station WBEZ, and Ira Glass, who’s in charge of This American Life.

Ira: Recently we’ve made a change in how This American Life is run.

Since we started in 1995 the show was co-owned by me and WBEZ. I and the staff have been employees of WBEZ.