Changes at This American Life

Jul 9, 2015

This blog post was written by Goli Sheikholeslami, who’s in charge of Chicago’s public radio station WBEZ, and Ira Glass, who’s in charge of This American Life.

Ira: Recently we’ve made a change in how This American Life is run.

Since we started in 1995 the show was co-owned by me and WBEZ. I and the staff have been employees of WBEZ.

Canvassers study in Episode #555 has been retracted

May 20, 2015

Ira writes:

Last month we did a story about canvassers who’d invented a way to go door to door and, in a 22-minute conversation, change people’s minds on issues like same sex marriage and abortion rights.

Ira on Capitalism and Public Radio

May 13, 2015

Ira writes:

Two weeks ago I told a reporter from Ad Age that public radio is ready for capitalism. I see people commenting online about what they think I meant.

You Can Help Melanie

Apr 8, 2015

Many of you have asked how to donate to Melanie from our Three Miles episode, to support her taking college courses. She's set up a PayPal account here.

Note: This American Life is not managing this account or monitoring her spending. It goes directly to her.

Updates: Miami Gardens Police Department

Mar 4, 2015

Since we ran a story on Miami Gardens, Fla., in our "Cops See It Differently" show, there's been several developments at the city's police department.

• On Feb.15th, officers shot and killed resident Lavall Hall, 25.

Videos 4 U

Feb 12, 2015

Ira writes:

We have a new video! For Valentine's Day! It's the first installment in a short video series we're collaborating on with a filmmaker named Bianca Giaever.

Holiday Sale

Dec 5, 2014

Hello, friends. We have some new merchandise and sale items available for your holiday shopping needs.

There will be a Serial Season Two! Thanks to everyone who donated.

Nov 26, 2014

Last week, we asked people who’ve been listening to Serial to chip in if they wanted a second season. This American Life funded the bulk of Season One, but for Serial to continue, it needs to pay for itself. Today, we have good news: between the money you donated and sponsorship, we’ll be able to make a second season.