This American Life - Producer

Posted: July 25, 2022
Deadline to apply: September 12, 2022

This American Life is looking for an experienced producer with strong reporting and editing skills.

We’re looking for people who excel at bringing a story from the seeds of an idea to a final edit: finding an original angle, planning interviews, listening to tape, structuring, writing. A good candidate can do this for their own stories and can lead outside contributors through this process as well.

We produce small personal stories, longform investigative pieces, and reporting that takes on bigger national and international issues. Producers oversee tape gathering, edit audio, and structure and write stories. They generate ideas for stories and for full episodes. They produce entire episodes. They direct talent in the studio. Some do audio mixes. A crucial part of the job is editing: listening to drafts of other producers’ stories and giving notes. This is a very collaborative office. 

We’re a staff that’s actively incorporating race equity into every stage of our story process. We are looking for someone with demonstrated experience taking into account racial and gender equity in reporting and editorial decisions. 

Since our entire story process is driven by the taste, observations and interests of our staff, we believe that having a diverse staff is the only way to effectively document the reality of life in this country with the proper nuance and perspective. A more diverse group of people putting together the show makes us better at every stage of the editorial process, from story selection to line editing. So we strongly encourage people of all backgrounds, races, genders, and abilities to apply.

What we’re looking for: 

  • Candidates who have demonstrated experience doing journalism like the stories on our show. This means narrative journalism, stories that unfold with a plot and emotion and humor, with relatable, surprising, three-dimensional characters.
  • At least three years producing radio, preferably for a nationally distributed show or podcast. We’ll consider comparable film, TV documentary or print experience if it involves crafting stories in a style similar to those on our show.
  • Audio editing skills.
  • Ability to think about big picture approaches to covering issues and ideas, while also executing the many small details and tasks involved in producing a weekly show. 
  • A proven ability to meet deadlines and balance multiple duties at the same time.
  • Ability to collaborate. Must have experience working closely and working well with others.

We’d prefer our new producer to work out of the This American Life office in New York City, but doing the job remotely is possible. The salary for this position starts at $120k and will be higher for more experienced candidates. Our staffers receive full benefits including health, dental and vision insurance, paid parental leave, and paid vacation and sick leave. We also offer an annual profit share and financial assistance for family building through fertility treatment, adoption, or surrogacy.

This American Life has been on the air since 1995, has won every major award for journalistic excellence, and has 4.3 million radio listeners and podcast downloads each week.

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to [email protected] by the deadline September 12, 2022. Put “Producer” and your name in the subject line. Include links to work samples in your cover letter.

If we decide to move forward with your application, we’ll ask you to do a phone interview.  If you move onto the next step, we’ll ask you to complete a short written assessment and meet with a few members of our team, including our host and executive producer Ira Glass.