400: Stories Pitched by Our Parents

400: Stories Pitched by Our Parents

Feb 12, 2010
For our 400th show, we try something harder than anything we've ever tried in the previous 399. We take the random ideas that members of our own families have told us at weddings and family gatherings would be "perfect for the show"...and we actually try to make those ideas into stories.
If you're just discovering this episode, listener voting ended a week after it was first broadcast. Over 13,000 people voted, and their favorite story was Robyn's, with 27.2% of the vote. Next were: Lisa (23.0%), Jane (22.1%), Nancy (14.5%), Alex (8.9%), Alissa (1.8%), Sarah (1.3%) and Ira (1.1%).

Between stories, we hear from a bunch of the This American Life staff: Ira Glass, Julie Snyder, Alex Blumberg, Jane Feltes, Sarah Koenig, Robyn Semien, Alissa Shipp and Seth Lind.


Seth Lind


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