Sleepwalk With Me


Ira writes:

For two years, I've been working with Mike Birbiglia to turn the sleepwalking story from our Fear of Sleep episode into a feature film. On Monday January 23rd, the movie premiered at the Sundance Film Festival... and it's been a long time since I've had the feeling I have right now, a mix of excitement and curiosity about what's going to happen next. Audiences are telling us they love the film; reviews have been positive to glowing. But we can use YOUR help. More below on that.

1/28/12 UPDATE. Sleepwalk With Me won the Best of NEXT Audience Award at Sundance!

Sleepwalk with Me tells the true story of Birbiglia, in his twenties, full of anxiety about what to do with his girlfriend – ­ should they get married? should they break up? – and expressing that anxiety through a series of increasingly spectacular sleepwalking incidents.

Here's one of them, from early in the film. He and the girlfriend (played by Lauren Ambrose) visited some friends and their new baby, and talk about whether someday they'd have a baby, leading to this scene. The gorgeous cinematography is the work of the incredible Adam Beckman, who won an Emmy shooting our TV show on Showtime and who shot the film. Mike wrote, directed and stars.

If you're curious, here is that same exact scene, from the radio version of the story, broadcast in 2008:

Now, we need your help, no kidding. At Sundance we hope to find someone to distribute the film and we want to demonstrate that our listeners might show up for it in theaters someday.

If you're interested in seeing our movie, type your zip code below and click SUBMIT. If you'd like us to send you an email once the film is out, type your email address too (we won't use it for any other purpose). Then we can show potential distributors that there's demand for the movie, and hopefully get it into a theater near you very soon. Your help can make all the difference. So thanks!