Request Sleepwalk with Me

Ira writes:

Thanks for your help getting Sleepwalk With Me into movie theaters! First check this list of theaters where the film is currently booked. If your town isn't on the list, or if you live in the suburbs and it's hard to get to the Music Box in Chicago or the IFC Theater in Manhattan or wherever, if you live in L.A. but nowhere near the Nuart (west of the 405), take action! Here are theaters that book films from Sleepwalk's distributor IFC.

Call them, email them, tweet at them with the hashtag #BringSleepwalk. Tell them to book Sleepwalk with Me ASAP. Maybe mention that IFC is the distributor. If there's an art house theater near you that isn't on this list, they can also book Sleepwalk so call, email or tweet them!

- Ira