TV2.7: No Respect

TV2.7: No Respect

Sep 4, 2008
Three stories about stand up comedians. This episode is only available for download on iTunes, not on DVD.
  • Prologue

    Two guys named Doug and Denver hosted a long-running weekly comedy show at The Big Fish in Los Angeles. But The Big Fish isn’t a comedy club or a theater. It’s a regular bar, with loud drunken patrons who generally wish that there wasn’t a comedy show there at all.
  • Act One

    Thanks, Folks. I'm Here All Eighth Grade.

    Can pain transform into a joke, and awkwardness become an asset? Jonathan Goldstein interweaves his own story of becoming a reluctant comedian with the stories of kids taking a stand up comedy class in New York City.

  • Act Two

    Kill or Be Killed.

    Even the most experienced comedians can still bomb. Comedian Mike Birbiglia tells the story of his worst gig ever.