The Georgia Rambler & The Recipe

Mar 3, 2011
Remember our episode Georgia Rambler, modeled after an old Atlanta newspaper column featuring stories about interesting people from little towns all over the state? Well it was the Georgia Rambler himself, Charles Salter, who in 1979 came across Everett Beal's notebook containing what we believe to be the original recipe for Coca-Cola. Charles' son Chuck - also a writer, and the reporter who told his dad's story in the Georgia Rambler episode - has written an article about all these connections, for the magazine Fast Company. It's among the more entertaining stories coming out of this whole cola recipe saga.

Coca - Continued

Mar 1, 2011

We've received a lot of fun correspondence since airing our cola recipe story, including the note above from a listener in Missouri named Gary Tash. We have no idea if the glycerine was a sweetener - likely not - but we enjoy the mental image of Uncle Harold painting the Coke factory.

We also heard from a listener in Chicago, Michael Shoshani, who pored over the various columns of the recipe and came up with some helpful suggestions for anyone attempting to make it. If you do try, email us at to tell us how your cola turns out!

We're still astounded at how much interest this story generated.

Tonight on TV: "Two Wars"

Feb 28, 2011

Tonight on Current TV, two foreigners try to make sense of life in the U.S. in the aftermath of two very different wars.

If you have digital cable, chances are you have Current TV. Here's a cheat sheet:

Comcast: 107 (125 Dallas and Seattle)
Time Warner: 103 NY and 142 LA
Dish Network: 196
AT&T U-Verse: 189
Verizon FiOS: 192

Rakoff and Birbiglia - on stage March 2nd

Feb 22, 2011

On Wednesday, March 2nd, This American Life contributors David Rakoff and Mike Birbiglia will participate in Selected Shorts: Stories from Electric Literature, at Symphony Space in NYC. John Lithgow is also performing. They'll read stories by Rick Moody, Lydia Millet and Joy Williams.

Selected Shorts, of course, is the public radio show and stage show where notable folks perform classic and new short fiction. Electric Literature is a new-ish endeavor that aims to distribute short stories via new technology.

Tonight on TV: "Escape"

Feb 21, 2011

Tonight on Current TV, the first episode of our second season of television - 10/9C. Here's a clip:

If you have digital cable, chances are you have Current TV. Here's a cheat sheet:

Comcast: 107 (125 Dallas and Seattle)
Time Warner: 103 NY and 142 LA
Dish Network: 196
AT&T U-Verse: 189
Verizon FiOS: 192

"TOLD" - Monday 2/21 in NYC

Feb 19, 2011

TOLD is a long-running monthly storytelling show in New York City, hosted by This American Life production manager Seth Lind (whom you may remember talking about seeing The Shining when he was seven years old, in our episode Fear of Sleep).

The theme of the show this coming Monday, February 21st is "A Higher Power" - stories involving religion. Storytellers include This American Life contributors Elna Baker and David Ellis Dickerson, plus Aaron Wolfe, Michele Carlo and Jesse Cameron Alick. 7PM at Under St. Mark's Theater in the East Village. It's a small venue and seating is first-come, first-served. Admission is pay what you will. Here's the event page on Facebook.

And if you want to hear about upcoming installments of Told, "like" this page on Facebook.

TOLD: "A Higher Power"
Monday February 21st - 7PM
Under St. Mark's Theater - 94 St. Mark's Place, NYC

TOLD showcases storytelling of the highest caliber. The candid, hilarious stories leave you feeling a little less alone in the world. Very cool.
- Ian Roberts, Upright Citizens Brigade

Team CoCo... Cola

Feb 17, 2011

So this week we were on ABC News, CNN, Al Jazeera, CBC in Canada and more. Whatever. But get this: our Coca-Cola recipe story made Conan O'Brien's monologue on Tuesday. 3:20 into the video below.

Full instructions for making the "original recipe"

Feb 16, 2011

We've now posted full instructions for making what we believe may be the original recipe for Coca-Cola. If you do make a batch, email us at to let us know how it turned out (and send photos!).

Our cola recipe story makes international news

Feb 16, 2011

When we broadcast the episode Original Recipe this past weekend, we had no idea how big a splash the Coca-Cola recipe story would make. Turns out, news outlets all across the globe are interested in what might be in the original formulation for this particular beverage... so interested that for part of Monday and much of Tuesday, all the traffic crashed our website. On Tuesday, the majority of hits came from - you guessed it - Finland and Croatia. Here are some screen shots of stories about our story, from all over the place.


The Netherlands:




Ryan Knighton's "Punkin"

Feb 10, 2011
Ryan Knighton—whose "Baby Steps" story appeared in Wiretap as well as our Neighborhood Watch episode—has recently released this fun, short film to promote the Canadian release of his book, C'mon Papa: Dispatches From a Dad in the Dark. (Oh—and lest we cause any confusion—his book and the story in "Neighborhood Watch" are not fictional).