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Public Radio International distributes This American Life to more than 500 stations across the country, reaching 2.1 million listeners. We mostly air on the weekend, but times differ from station to station. Click below to find yours.

North Carolina
AshevilleWCQS88.1 FMTh6:00 PM
AshevilleWCQS88.1 FMS12:00 PM
Atlantic BeachWBJD91.5 FMSu3:00 PM
BuxtonWBUX90.5 FMS1:00 PM
Chapel Hill/DurhamWUNC91.5 FMS1:00 PM
CharlotteWFAE90.7 FMSu6:00 PM
CharlotteWFAE90.7 FMS4:00 PM
Elizabeth CityWUND88.9 FMS1:00 PM
Elizabeth CityWURI90.9 FMS1:00 PM
FranklinWFQS91.3 FMTh6:00 PM
FranklinWFQS91.3 FMS12:00 PM
HickoryWFHE90.3 FMSu6:00 PM
HickoryWFHE90.3 FMS4:00 PM
KinstonWKNS90.3 FMSu3:00 PM
New BernWZNB88.5 FMSu3:00 PM
Rocky MountWRQM90.9 FMS1:00 PM
WilmingtonWHQR91.3 FMS12:00 PM
WilmingtonWHQR91.3 FMF8:00 PM
Winston-SalemWFDD88.5 FMS12:00 PM

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