Happy Hour

Nov. 3, 2015

Ira writes:

The dance company I’ve been touring with has a new show every Wednesday night this fall in New York City. It’s great. I’m not in it.

It’s called Happy Hour. Seeing it, I felt like Monica Bill Barnes and Anna Bass and Robert Saenz de Viteri took the things we invented for our show and things Monica and Anna invented in the past, and pushed them all to a new level. In Happy Hour, they’re each in suits, playing men, and the men they’re playing are these complicated, sad, overconfident guys who get crushes on ladies in the audience and, of course, dance. This is a new way to combine story and dance, this new show. Different from their previous work and from anything I’ve seen anyone else do.

It’s funny. It’s got tons of feeling. Free drinks for the audience. And it’s just an hour, at a convenient after-work time: 6:30. Hello new way to do a show in New York!

Tickets here.