About Us

We love hearing your comments on our shows. Comment emails are circulated among all the producers and taken very seriously. Email us here.

If you have a question and want a speedy answer:

  • Check our FAQ for general questions about the show, streaming audio, podcasting, submissions, and pretty much everything else.
  • If you're looking for a story or a segment, try different key words in our search engine. If that doesn't work, peruse our archives.
  • If you're wondering when and where you can listen to the show in your area, check our station locator.

If you strike out, drop a line to [email protected]: we try to reply to all questions that aren't answered on the website, with some exceptions.* It may take a bit, but we'll do our best.

If you have a story idea: Check out our submissions info page, and contact us at [email protected]. We do not accept submissions by mail.

For general requests or requests for Ira Glass, contact Kimberly Henderson.

For press requests email [email protected].

If you want to adapt one of our radio stories into a movie or TV show, you can contact Elise Bergerson.

For sponsorship or business collaboration requests, contact Seth Lind.

For questions on the status of orders placed in our online store, call (646) 213-9818 or email [email protected]

Sadly, here are some things the webfolks CAN'T do:

  • We can't answer questions about scoring music used in the show. Honest! Our web manager works remotely and doesn't have access to this info.
  • We can't answer questions about fellowships, fellowship applications, or application status. Look at our fellowship page for info.