Hey, Podcast Creators: Shortcut Is Now Available for Any Show to Use

Nov. 27, 2017
Stephanie Foo writes:

Last year, we made a tool called Shortcut that lets This American Life listeners turn their favorite podcast moments into videos that can be shared on social media. It’s kind of like making a GIF, but for audio. Try it yourself with our entire archive of episodes.

Thanks to funding from The Knight Foundation and the developers at Feel Train, Shortcut is now open sourced. What that means: If you’re a podcast creator, you can set Shortcut up to let your own listeners share their favorite moments of your show.

Feel Train has all the details on how to implement it, and has offered to help anyone that needs support with the technical details.

When we created Shortcut, one of our ambitions was that it’d be a tool that other podcasts could use, to help their listeners share audio on social media. Finally that’s possible. We’d love to see it in the wild! If you use Shortcut for your show, tweet us at @ThisAmerLife so we can spread the word.