Introducing Shortcut

Oct. 11, 2016

Have you ever heard a moment on the show that you wish you could share with your friends? Well, now you can! Shortcut is a new app we created that allows you to turn your favorite podcast moments into videos that you can post to social media. It’s kind of like making a gif, but for audio. Here’s how to use it.

Go to and choose your episode.

1. Highlight the text that you want to be in your clip. You can choose a clip that is up to 30 seconds long. The app will tell you if you’ve gone on too long.

2. If you want to fine-tune your clip, use the wavform. Just drag those purple lines left and right.

3. Choose the color you want for your video. Hit PREVIEW.

4. Write your tweet or your post, and select what platforms to share it on. Don’t forget to link to our show. Then, hit SHARE.


Go to and choose your episode.


1. Select the text of your clip. Tap once to highlight your first word, and tap again on the last word. Hold down to edit your selection. When you’re done, hit NEXT.

2. Choose your color and hit PREVIEW.

3. Write your tweet or post, and select which platforms to share it on. Then SHARE.

We hope you enjoy Shortcut!