Our New Show is Up! It’s Launched!

Oct. 3, 2014

Ira writes:

Hello everyone! The second series from This American Life is now officially not a dream but a thing that exists in the world. We have a spinoff! In fact, there are not one but two episodes, ready for you to hear.

To reiterate the facts in case you’ve missed them till now: The new show is called Serial and it’s hosted by Sarah Koenig, who’s done some of the most memorable stories ever on our show.

What’s different about Serial is that it’s a story that takes a dozen or so episodes to tell. So each new episode brings you the next chapter of this amazing, unfolding story. Serial’s a podcast, not a radio show, because a podcast seems like a better place for a long story that you need to hear from the beginning. With podcasts, you can download everything and binge listen.

And yes, we know lots of people still aren’t so clear what podcasts are or how to get them. If that’s you – if you’re an older person and the whole idea of learning about podcasts just makes you feel tired – have no fear! We have made an instructional video. It stars me and an actual older person, a friend of mine from the dog park, Mary Ahearn, who’s in her eighties. She listens to our show every week on her iPad and in a minute and a half in this video, she explains everything you need to know.

To listen to the first two episodes of Serial, go to Serialpodcast.org.

We’re all super-excited to finally be premiering our new show. It’s been in the works for a year. Sarah is just fantastic in this new role. We truly and sincerely hope you like it.