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Aug. 16, 2015

Ira Glass writes:

We’ve had a run of ambitious stories lately: episodes by Nikole Hannah Jones and Chana Joffe Walt on schools and integration, Lindy West confronting her Internet troll, Nancy Updike on OJ Simpson’s prank TV show, Abdi’s story of getting out of Kenya, Jonathan Goldstein’s visit to a counseling center for kids whose parents died, our 12-episode spin-off podcast Serial. Each of these took months to make.

We have exciting plans for things we want to bring you in the next few months, but right now we don’t have the money to pay for them. No kidding, we need your help! Corny as it sounds, these stories are a labor of love. If they mean something to you too, help us cover the cost of creating them and getting them to you. Pitch in to cover your share – even just $5 or $10 will make a difference.

And here's the thing. For this to work – for us to ask only once every year or two – it means that you actually have to act now.

And thanks!