Please Donate To Support The Show

Feb. 16, 2014

Ira writes:

Hey there Internet listeners. We've been trying a lot of ambitious stories here on the radio show. And we've cut down on fundraising so that we only come to you one week per year to ask for donations. This is that week!

This past year it cost us $137,000 just for the bandwidth to get our show out to you and everyone else who listens over the Internet. We rely on donations to cover that cost, and to help pay for producing the actual stories — like the episode where we sent seven reporters to a car dealership over the course of a month, or when we sent three reporters to Harper High School for five months, or Sarah Koenig's investigation of the murder committed by Dr. Vince Gilmer. As you can imagine, that kind of reporting is very expensive.

You've probably heard about how this is a difficult time for journalism, newspapers laying people off and shutting down, and dwindling budgets for investigative reporting. And the great thing about putting stuff out over the Internet, like our podcast, is that if you like it and want it to continue, you can help that happen. But for this to work, for us to ask for money only once per year... you actually have to give. As in, I'm not writing this to someone else — I'm writing to you, a person who listens to our show for free over the Internet. So if you like what we've been doing on the show and want us to be able to keep making it, please consider donating.

Thank you. We can't produce the show without your help and we really appreciate it.

— Ira