USB drive with 35 hours of This American Life! (+ video!)

Nov. 17, 2010

TAL USB Drive Okay, seriously: this may be the best piece of merchandise we've ever offered. It's certainly the most stuff we've ever crammed into one item. You see, we've created a custom-molded 2GB USB drive, and filled it with 35 favorite episodes of the radio show, hand picked by host Ira Glass. Want more? It also includes the entire video of our 2009 stage show that went live movie theaters.

So That's 35 HOURS of This American Life radio episodes plus an hour and a half of video, all in this little 2 1/2" tall flash drive. Plug it into any computer, play the shows off of the drive, or copy them into iTunes or your media player. You can keep the shows on it or use it to carry around your files (or both: it has around 300MB of free space). The drive comes in a protective metal tin (not pictured). And we're selling these for kind of a bargain: $29. It's a solid gift for someone new to the show, or for someone who's already a fan. Available now in our store.

The drive itself is a 3D version of our logo, fashioned by industrial designer Sinclair Smith. The word "THIS" is a removable cap.

Here's what host Ira Glass has to say about it:

"35 episodes, all at once":

Live show clips:

List of shows:

And here's a complete list of all the episodes it contains:

#014: Accidental Documentaries
#027: Cruelty of Children
#038: Simulated Worlds
#046: Sissies
#047: Xmas and Commerce
#061: Fiasco!
#077: Pray
#081: Guns
#084: Harold
#090: Telephone
#104: Music Lessons
#109: Notes on Camp
#172: 24 Hours at the Golden Apple
#175 Babysitting
#181: The Friendly Man
#203: Recordings for Someone
#206: Somewhere in The Arabian Sea
#218: Act V
#220: Testosterone
#233: Starting From Scratch
#241: 20 Acts in 60 Minutes
#246: My Pen Pal
#252: Poultry Slam '03
#253: The Middle of Nowhere
#290: Godless America
#304: Heretics
#331: Habeas Schmabeas
#339: Break-Up
#352: The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar
#355: The Giant Pool of Money
#360: Switched at Birth
#379: Return to the Scene of the Crime (90 minute video!)
#388: Rest Stop
#396: #1 Party School
#403: NUMMI
#405: Inside Job

In conclusion, here's what the drive looks like with its hat on:

TAL USB Drive capped