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Dave Eggers

Eggers is best known for the memoir A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. He's also written the screenplays for Away We Go and Where the Wild Things Are. Dave runs McSweeney's, and founded the nonprofit literacy group 826 National.
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Act 2: Oh the Places We'll Go

Any adventure show would be incomplete without some swashbuckling, dinosaur-chasing, time-traveling madness. So we asked a few of our favorite writers to offer up short stories. Dave Eggers, Jeanne Darst, Wendy McClure, Fiona Maazel and Neil Gaiman answered the call.

Act 3: Dinner

To end this show about parents and children at mealtime, a story about what happens when children have to become the parents. Dave Eggers' mother and father died when he was 21 and his brother Toph was 8.