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Act One

When Danielle's family serves poultry at their dinner table, no one utters the word "chicken." Instead, it is always called "fish." Danielle explains why with the help of her friend "Duki." (20 minutes)

Act Two

Julie Showalter, who grew up on a turkey farm, tells the story of the night 3,000 turkeys died.

Act Five

Writer David Sedaris tells of the giddiness he felt when he purchased a taxidermy turkey head — attached to its foot.

Act Four

Verda Mae Grosvenor, host of NPR's Seasonings, shows Ira how to tell a chicken is done simply by listening the sound of the grease.

Act Six

Starting on radio station WCFL in Chicago, "Chickenman" was a much-loved radio feature in the 1960s. Ira presents the first new "Chickenman" episode since 1969.