July 15, 2013

500th Episode Illustrations

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We thought it would be fun to commission some illustrations to mark our 500th episode. So we did. Some represent the show in general, others call out the 500-episode milestone, and a few illustrate particular stories. We'll be releasing them every day this week. It's possible we'll get some of these printed and up for sale in August.

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Beacons, by Souther Salazar:


Running after 500 Antelope, by Travis Bone:


Driveway, by Claire Keane:


You're listening to the new KFRG!, by Victo Ngai:


Putting the ink back in oink, by Steve Dressler (who also did the Art Deco train below):


Reporters in the field, by Brianne Farley:


Story subjects climbing Brain Mountain, by Tim Enthoven:


Mouth-mirror-radio-dial, by Ben Wiseman:


Art Deco train, by Steve Dressler: