June 1, 2012

"Dos Erres" updates

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Last week's episode, 'What Happened at Dos Erres,' was about a man named Oscar Ramirez who learned that when he was three years old, his entire family was killed at a massacre in Guatemala, and he was then taken and raised by one of the soldiers. He also found out that his biological father, Tranquilino Castañeda, survived the massacre and is still alive. For thirty years, neither Oscar nor Tranquilino knew the other existed. Oscar thought the soldier who took him was his real father. And Tranquilino thought his entire family had been killed at the massacre.

Related Episodes

And then, on Monday, the two met face-to-face. Tranquilino, who's 70, left Guatemala for the first time, and landed at Newark Airport, where Oscar was waiting with his wife and four children. ProPublica, one of our partners in reporting this story, was there, and they've posted this video of the reunion.


A print version of Oscar and Tranquilino's story is also available on ProPublica's web site, and as an e-book. And several publications throughout Latin America are running the story in Spanish. 

This weekend, versions of the story will run in Mexico's Proceso.