June 29, 2013

Episode #499 Extra: "Emails From a Dead Man"

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We have created an interactive timeline showing the email correspondence between an Iraqi man who worked with the US during war, and the US agencies in charge of granting asylum to Iraqi refugees. The man had received death threats because he worked with the US, and ended up being murdered while trying to gain asylum. The timeline is a companion to Act Two of Episode #499: "Taking Names."

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From the introduction to the timeline:

There are still tens of thousands of Iraqis whose lives are in danger because they worked with the United States during the war. We — Americans — have known about this issue for years: we’ve gotten angry about it, talked about it, written about it, passed multiple laws about it, but we have never quite solved it once and for all. The chain of emails below shows what we’ve got instead of a solution.

View the emails.