Aug. 9, 2016

Refugee Camps in Greece: How to Help

Photo by Evangelos Maroudas

Miki Meek writes:

After listening to our most recent episodes—"Are We There Yet?" and "Don't Have to Live Like a Refugee"—some listeners have asked how they can help the refugees in Greece. There are many organizations there, including Doctors Without Borders and UNHCR. Here is a list of some of the groups we interacted with directly, with descriptions of some, but not all, of the work they do.

The Ministry of Migration in Greece collects supplies for refugee camps, including the baseball stadium, which was in our first show. They can be reached here: [email protected]. However, at this time, they cannot accept money donations.

Lighthouse Relief
This NGO oversees Ritsona, the old air force base where Ira spoke to people about what it’s like to be parents at a refugee camp. The group's efforts are very family focused.

Greek Forum of Refugees
This is the NGO that helped people try to make Skype calls to the asylum office. It’s an organization run by former refugees and others who have settled and lived in Greece for years. They help refugees with the asylum process and those who want to stay in Greece. They also visit camps to inform people of their rights.

The Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children of Iraq (CYCI)
CYCI helped set up the camp at Petra, where the Yazidi shopkeeper, Ahmad, currently lives. They also send volunteers to work there.

Yezidis International
This Yazidi-run organization helps displaced members of their group around the world.

Danish Refugee Council
This group works at the camp at the baseball stadium in Athens.

International Rescue Committee in Greece
Among many things, the IRC provides showers, toilets, hot water, and laundry facilities at camps in Greece, along with safe spaces for children and mental health services.

LM Village
There’s a “Myrsini Refugees Welcome” group on Facebook, where you can see photos and check in on news.

The Voice Project teamed up with refugees.tv, the group we featured in this story, to provide donation processing and other administrative support.