Sept. 28, 2018

Suffolk County Police Will Look Into Treatment of Immigrant Families

The Suffolk County Police Department—at the behest of county lawmakers—said it will look into the treatment of immigrant families who came to the department in 2016 and 2017 to report thier missing children. The developments came in response to reporting from Hannah Dreier on This American Life, ProPublica, and Newsday that outlined how police ignored leads, missed clues, and brushed aside parents who had information that might have been helpful.

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“We're very outraged by this cover story in Newsday. The podcast that was also referred to is even more disturbing. To hear it out of the detectives' mouths, the complete disrespect—very disappointing. Gut-wrenching,” said Legislator Kara Hahn during the public committee meeting.

You can read more at ProPublica and listen to the episode here.