July 9, 2013

Update about "Omar" from Taking Names

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We just got news about the family of “Omar,” whose story we told in our show two weeks ago, Taking Names. They have finally left Iraq. Omar was an Iraqi man who was killed after working for the US Army during the war. He had been trying to get himself and his family out of Iraq and come to the United States (his emails are here) when he was killed.

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Here's the update from the website of The List Project, the organization run by Kirk Johnson, who talked about Omar in the show:

“We are happy to report that his [Omar’s] widow and young son boarded a flight to America today. This is the result of an extraordinary effort on the part of the committed attorneys at our partnering firm, Mayer Brown LLP. We continue to work to bring his [Omar’s] extended family (who are also at risk), as well as hundreds of others currently on the list, to safety.”