Dec. 8, 2018

Why I Love InspiroBot

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Ira writes:

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What I like about InspiroBot, the web app we talk about in this week's show, is that it's both a parody of inspiration postings and also something more. The software that Peder Jørgensen and Jesper Sundnes created generates slogans that are sometimes funny but often weirdly insightful and – is this a bad word to use? – sort of profound.

"Each day is another chance to be dreadfully dysfunctional,” seems to me to be simply true. “First comes the limbo, then comes the life,” describes my twenties and lots of other people’s as well. “Internet fame will save us from the next mass extinction,” critiques everything that’s wrong with our priorities right now.

Peder and Jesper insist that they do not edit the bot, that what we’re seeing is purely made by machine, which – people who understand computers better than I do – find entirely credible. Also, P&J say, the bot is churning out thousands of these a day. Too many to edit.

I love especially the deeply nihilistic ones, because I am actually someone who believes that we’re here briefly and then gone for all eternity afterwards. Which is why I always try to focus on the moment I’m in, not on the eternity.

Here are a few more of my favorites. You can generate your own or explore this list of great ones others have made. Inspirobot can be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.