May 22, 1998

Road Trip!

With all the American movies and songs and books about the joy of the open road, it's hard for an American to take just a normal road trip without huge expectations.


Host Ira Glass talks with a guy who hit the road after his mother's death, hoping for some experience that would change him and shed light on what had just happened. This never happens to him, or to most of us. And yet, every Memorial Day we all head out on the roads. Hoping. (3 minutes)
Act Three

Road Trip In A Tuxedo

What happens when being on the road is your job — and has been your job for decades? Reporter Margy Rochlin recalls a trip she took ten years ago with the 92-year-old George Burns and his tiny entourage. (16 minutes)
Act Four

Paw Paw for Jesus

What we want on the road — many of us — is adventure. And what is adventure but a moment you never could've predicted before you left home? Chicago writer Cheryl Trykv tells the story of one such moment. (7 minutes)

Songs: "Happy Trails" and "One More Mile," Dave Dudley