February 12, 1999

Valentine’s Day ’99

For Valentine's Day, stories of impossible love and heartbreak.
Act One

Meet The Ball And Chain

When Anne Staggs started to fall for an inmate named Charles in the Texas prison system, she was up against odds as daunting as they ever get for two people. It was against the rules, possibly dangerous, and could have gotten her fired. They could never say anything in front of other people and he was—not to put too fine a point on this—a convicted murderer. Still, they married—even though they never see each other. (24 minutes)
Act Two

Mucho Corazon

A man in Amsterdam and a woman in Cuba fall in love, even though their governments don't want them to live together. This story was produced by Chris Brookes and Michele Ernsting for the World Views series of first person narratives, from Homeland Productions. The editor was Sandy Tolan. It was produced with funds from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and Radio Netherlands. (28 minutes)


“I'll Be Home” by The Flamingos
Act Three

Who Deserves What

The story of The Arabian Nights is actually 350 or 400 stories, depending on how you count them. Many of the stories are stories of impossible love, including the very last story in the whole epic tale—the story of Jasmine and Almond. Mary Zimmerman, a Chicago director who adapted The Arabian Nights for stage, explains the story and reads from it. (5 minutes)