June 2, 2000

Million Bubbles

Imagine that you could somehow look down from above, onto all the streets and avenues and country roads and highways of this nation...each car below its own tiny subculture on wheels...glass and steel worlds rolling down the street alongside each other. We hear what's going on inside some of these cars.


Host Ira Glass explains the premise of the show, and we hear what's actually going on inside five of these cars. (7 minutes)

Leased Volvo Sedan

Jay Allison and his 12-year-old daughter discuss what radio station to listen to. She wants music. He wants...public radio. She sighs in exasperation. And then—on public radio—comes a defense of everything she holds dear. Sort of. This story is one of Jay Allison's Life Stories series, funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. (9 minutes)

Three More Bubbles

An '88 Grand Marquis that Senator Conrad Burns inherited from his mother; a New York taxicab whose driver, Jeff Perkins, tape-records his passengers to help pass the time; a 1980s-era BMW 5 series in which film producer Rob Levine had his first job as driver and assistant to movie producer Edgar Sherrick. (5 minutes)