March 28, 1996


April first is the one day of the year when we're allowed to enjoy deceiving others. But April Fools' Day is for amateur deceivers. The real pros are the people who can't control their lying, who lie without even knowing what the truth is. Everyone's known someone like this, but it's a topic that's only rarely studied or discussed publicly. Journalist and former This American Life contributing editor Margy Rochlin co-hosts.

Act One


The story of a woman whose husband lies to her compulsively. At some point, she starts to ask him questions that'll make him lie to her, just to amuse herself. Also, the story of a guy whose roommate in college in Nebraska insisted he'd grown up with the Kennedys. (30 minutes)

Act Two

More Lies

A girl who adored her father tries to figure out what to think after he takes some of her college money and lies to her about it. Also, a woman whose fiancé runs up $10,000 in credit card charges on her Visa card and vanishes. (25 minutes)