April 12, 1996

Rich Guys

Men who had comfortable, decent lives, yet decided to do something wild and eccentric with their lives instead.
Act One

The Grizz

Corporate CEO Maurice "Morry" Taylor, Jr. was a Republican candidate for President, and he never had a chance to win the nomination. That didn't stop political reporter and author Michael Lewis from covering Morry's bizarre campaign. Lewis reads from his diaries about life on the road with Morry. (14 minutes)

Act Two

Citizen Kane

Jack Hitt reviews the strange case of William Kane, his mistress, his family, and fifteen vials of frozen sperm. (23 minutes)

Act Three

Another Mixed Legacy

The late Ron Brown, the former U.S. Secretary of Commerce, could have had an easy life, but chose instead to take on stressful, difficult tasks. Brian Gilmore, an attorney and a writer, talks about the collective eulogizing of Brown. (5 minutes)